Women Hate

What Women Hate About Men

Women Hate – If you do not know what two things women absolutely hate about men, then you are seriously missing out. Guys, there are certain things that you need to learn and follow if you want to be successful with women. These things spoil all chances of success really fast, so follow my advice and learn them so you’re good with the ladies from now on!

Two things that women hate about men are the “alanagers” and the “wannabe”. These are two of the most disgusting subcategories of men that you can probably think of.

And here is the reason why: they both show disinterest and insecurity with themselves and with women. They both try to gain as much attention as possible, are narcissistic in the sense that they pretend to know what women exactly want, and worst of all, they both are extremely boring.

Women Hate
Women Hate

Let me get something straight with you before I get into the tactics you need to use tonight

You must never Treat Women Like aijones. They will never like that. Some men do it because they think that if they act like heroes, women will be attracted to them, but you have to understand that the only thing these hero’s ever succeed with women is lonely and consistent bar tabs!

Really, if you want women to be attracted to you, you have to be a jock – a leader, a bad boy, in other words, an alpha male. Pay attention the next time you are talking with a girl and you will find one who demands you to dance with her.

She will say to you: “why, don’t you do what all the other men do, when you dance with me”. And you say: “I, am not a dancing master”.

The point is, you have to tease her and make her feel that you are not having it the way you want, and that you are not accessible to her in the usual “asking for her number” kind of way. You have to be nasty and sarcastic with women from the very first time you met her up to the point that you are her boyfriend and she has to dump you.

Women Hate

Women Hate

2 Things That Women Absolutely Hate About Men

  1. The Complacent One

The worst thing you can do as a man is to be called Mr. Nice Guy. It’s as simple as that. If you are going to have a successful relationship with a woman, you will have to streak yourself with bad boys.

The purpose of being cocky is to tease women continuously. You will have to show to her that you are not justokin Female healedMine. You have to tease her constantly in order to create sexual tension between you. This is what you are going to do later on tonight when you want to become the new Casanova of her life.

  1. Mr. Obliged

This one is the biggest insult for a woman. When you look at a man who insists on paying and you suddenly turn around and pay, the dynamic immediately shifts from an equal exchange to a dependent one. You have entered the realm of wanting her approval which voila spells the end of the relationship.

Value yourself and the woman will appreciate you. However, if you go out of your way to make sure she agrees with you on everything you say or do, it simply reflects low self esteem.

Women want a dominant man – not one who falls to his knees for her every word, but one who stands up to her because she earned his attention.

Women Hate