What Makes a Guy Want to Settle Down With You – Attracting Mean Mr Or Ms Perfect

Every guy wants to settle down with someone he loves and adores. He wonders if it is the right time in your life for a deeper commitment. Every woman wants to feel secure in a relationship, but men don’t always understand what you need to do to make this happen.

When your guy is settling down for good, it signals a change in your relationship status. It means he is happy to have you in his life for a while, and that he is developing a deeper commitment with your relationship. If your guy loves you, then he will rarely, if ever, settle down with anyone else.

The reason why a guy wants to settle down with you so badly is because he has found the right woman for him. He cannot see himself dating women with different characteristics, and you are that right woman.


So it is vital that you remember what made him fall in love with you and why he cannot see himself dating other women. He must have known inside that you are one of a kind, possessing a beauty that makes all the other women pale by comparison.

If you are a woman who always makes it a point to look nice for your boyfriend, it doesn’t make you imperfect. But, it does make you a cut above the rest. He won’t want to experience being with women who don’t treat him right.

It is also true that you are not his subscriber to the “Mean White alone” category, and may not even consider yourself to be a standard girl. The reason why a guy would want to date you is because being with you is very fulfilling. It is also because he did fall in love with you, and sees that you are the one.

Being committed is a pleasant experience, and also a mutual one. You like each other because you are meant to be together. When you are truly in love, life is never boring.

However, if you can’t get him to commit, perhaps in your own mind you don’t love him anyway, and are satisfied being with him at the moment. He feels the same way, but is not in love with you. The only way to get a guy to want to commit is to inspire him to commit.


Be his biggest fan:

  • Men appreciate a woman who believes in them and supports them regardless whatever the situation is. It can be very disheartening for a guy to find out that his girl has no faith in him.
  • You have to reignite your faith in him and make him feel that you are his strongest supporter. He needs someone who can encourage him to continue on his journey and not be discouraged by any difficulties that might come his way.
  • When the guy is on his way to meet you and you see him walking with such a smile on his face and making such great eye contact with you, it automatically suggests that he is going to make it! He is very much dependable and you have nothing to worry about.

Make him miss you:

  • Guys like being around girls who make them feel needed, loved and cared for. If you provide that kind of care and love, you won’t be surprised if he would take the next flight to come and spend some time with you.
  • Also, if in any way, you make yourself unavailable for some time, he will definitely take the trouble of making up for that time missed, and would do anything just so he could have you in his arms.