Pick Up Women

How I Pick Up Women – 3 Effective Tips

Pick Up Women – The best way to learn how to pick up women is to practice, practice, practice.

If you want to be a successful pick up artist, you must also be prepared to receive “no’s” if you give the wrong response or have an insecure background.

Here are a few tips that will help you when you’re out picking up women.

  1. Practice your opener

Your opening line must be simple and direct. A simple line like “Hey guys, I lost my phone number, can I get yours?” is going to get you nowhere. It’s also not very compelling. You need to add great story into your opening statement. A good way to do this is to talk in a natural manner. For example, the weather should be something that she can relate to. A perfect opener should also have a certain number of steps. For example, when you first approach a woman, you can walk up and introduce yourself, then exchange names and talk for a minute or two. Then you can ask for her name and talk a bit about the where the place is and so forth.

Pick Up Women

Pick Up Women

  1. Use humor

For those whom don’t know, humor is the best way to win a woman over. It compels a woman to listen to you even after she has already elimination in mind. Humor is also very attractive in a way. Since it’s a conversation rather than a pick up line, it must be appealing to the opposite sex.

  1. Set limits and boundaries

Many men fail to establish boundaries which stops them from picking up women who seem to be out of their league. There is nothing wrong with introducing yourself, asking for their number and talking for a bit. You discuss the number and then exchange names and leave. That must be your approach. Try to build a conversation that will interest them Pick Up Women. If you use a boring opener, that’s a perfect way to give e a bad impression of yourself. You want to discourage perpetual sitting and chatting. This way not everyone will approach you. It will only discourages you from starting the conversation.

Pick Up Women

Pick Up Women

To be a successful pick up artist, you must also be prepared to accept no

Here are some tips to help you build a conversation:

  • Avoid talking long. It’s painful. Conversational skills are highly important. Even after introducing yourself, you continue with other conversation. It will begin to appear tiring and boring.
  • Talk about things that interest both of you. A prominent conversation topic is in choosing a good drinking place or place to go.
  • Break the ice with a joke or a story about something in your neighborhood. You want the person to start liking you even more.

Once you’re able to break the ice, and make your intentions known

Be casual and cooperative. If the conversation will not flow well in a casual manner, be prepared to politely convey that you are not interested to continue the conversation any further.

Be prepared to accept no. Once you’ve made your intentions known, your objective is achieving. If that objective does not succeed, move to the next person.

These suggestions will help you learn how to pick up beautiful women. Remember, practice makes perfect. This technique should be applied whenever you need to pick up a woman. Remember, you can try it but do it ethically.

Pick Up Women